Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Who knew I would like love a book marketed toward teenage girls about vampires and young love? After my sister-in-law devoured the book while visiting us over the weekend and left her copy for me to peruse, curiosity got the best of me. Oh. My. Gosh. As an awkward teen I would escape to my room and consume Judy Blume with the ferocity of an addict needing her fix. Yes, Judy Blume was my crack. Twilight allowed me to escape my twenty-something self and revert back to the thirteen head-gear wearing (only at night) girl who longed for a more glamorous existence. I am not sure if I fell into the glamorous lifestyle I once dreamed about but that is okay with me. I am happy and as long as I can feed my adolescent literature fix I will continue to remain pleased with my life path thus far.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Beginnings of an Office/Craft Room

I finally have an orange room! The processes was full of little bumps but I think I am going to fancy the end product. I refinished the (Goodwill) desk on 'Team office' and plan to refinish the sewing table a bright white. Off to the flea market to find a vintage metal chair.

Too orange.

Not enough 'pop.'


Team craft.

Team office.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

An Apple a Day...

Our stone gray (but in reality looks like chocolate) dining room needed a splash of color. I am currently fanatical about any green & brown combination so when I spotted granny smith apple craft paper I had an "a-ha" moment. Three black frames + $1.50 worth of paper = a beautifully delicious picture grouping. Besides, who doesn't like apples?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Harrington Coffee Co.

I love coffee.

I. love. love. coffee.

Nothing beats the smell of freshly roasted Columbian beans being ground for a pot of coffee. Throughout high school and during college breaks, I had the pleasure of working in a charming and delightful coffee shop where I learned the ropes and groomed myself into a first class coffee snob. The bean varieties of the aforementioned Columbian, Mocha Java, Kenyan, Costa Rican, etc… all have distinct personalities and make each experience of drinking a cup of coffee enjoyably different.

I remember on my first day at Harrington Coffee Co., a loyal customer asked for his usual of “half n’ half.” Blissfully unaware of the well-developed coffee vernacular, I went to the industrial refrigerator and poured the seasoned man a mug of half n’ half while thinking “who the hell drinks this stuff straight?*” Throughout my years at Harrington’s, that man would remind me of our first encounter and become a favorite customer of mine. I also eventually became well-versed in coffee vernacular.

The espresso machine brought excitement to my teenage days. As a beautiful piece of equipment that would produce tasty concoctions, the espresso machine required precision, care and heart to operate. Steaming the milk to the perfect temperature (165 degrees) and grinding the beans and pulling a shot into the hand filter-basket and tamping the grounds to the correct density produces a spectacular product that Starbucks can’t produce with their “all-in-one-no-skill-required” espresso machines. The layering of a cappuccino or latte is a skill I worked hard to master and proudly can still pull off to this day.

I miss it. I miss the simplicity and happiness associated with working at Harrington’s. I grew close with the owners and my co-workers. My memories of the place fill me with joy and whenever I am in the area (which is sadly, not often), I always stop in to say hi and get a cup of Harrington’s #45, my favorite blend of coffee. In my adventures across the country, I have yet to find a better cup of coffee.

I chose the name The Good Girl Lucy CafĂ© for my blog because I dream of owning a coffee shop someday. A sign hosting the blog’s namesake will sit over a huge bay window inviting people to come inside, slow down and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. I encourage my readers to do the same…take a look, slow down and (try to) enjoy.

*Half n’ half is half caffeinated/half de-caffeinated.